Domesticate Me
Nuit Blanche Toronto


Nathan Phillips Square

Exhibition: A Monument to the Century of Revolutions by Nato Thompson
Artists: Ashley McKenzie-Barnes & Merna
Production/construction: Jennifer Mordan
Concept visual design images: Ashley McKenzie-Barnes


Domesticate Me is an interactive installation created by Ashley McKenzie-Barnes and Merna, that re-tells the story of the capabilities of women, by putting a focus on the importance of domestic labour.


Pre-marketed concept visuals were designed to guide the narrative of the installation that took place in a 20 ft metal shipping container. We placed the viewer in the kitchen, a space most often associated with domestic duties, through a live juxtaposition of common kitchen tools with those of male-dominated roles; firefighters, lumberjacks, hunters, mechanics, handymen and construction workers.


An accompanying audio scene brought the installation alive with the hum of tools, and the song of a woman’s journey through history.


Listen to the full audio scene by Merna here

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