New release: Collaboration with Tosho Knife Arts with proceeds going to Afri-Can FoodBasket

Earlier this year we did a collaborative project with Toronto-based artist Dahae Song, Japan-based knife maker Asano Kajiya, Tosho Knife Arts and byMinistry.

These limited edition pieces are now available for purchase with all proceeds going to Afri-Can FoodBasket, a food sovereignty initiative that supports members of the African, Caribbean, Black (ACB) community to access fresh produce during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Tosho Knife Arts was called upon by byMinistry to collaborate on an exclusive knife design. byMinistry commissioned Dahae Song to create a custom print, using her stylistic black and white hands and brushstrokes. Dahae’s blacksmith of choice was Asano Kajiya from Gifu Prefecture, Japan who’s aesthetics aligns with Dahae’s raw and natural style.

Limited print available:
August 2020 x2 release 
January 2021 x3 release

Purchase online at:

All proceeds will be going to Afri-Can FoodBasket.

Curated by Ashley McKenzie-Barnes for byMinistry
Produced by Tosha Knife Arts and Loretta Kim for byMinistry 

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