Call for submissions: AMPLIFIED VOICES

Joining Collective Arts Brewing to select art that represents and amplifies a wide range of voices!

Our latest Call for Art is specifically geared toward work dealing with the issues of social justice. We’re looking for: protest art, artwork that deals with topics of equity/inequity, art from BIPOC artists, art from LGBTQ2+ artists, and artwork that conveys a sense of hope for a safer and more inclusive future. ⁠⠀
We want to use our platform to amplify artists’ voices, provoke challenging topics and create space for groups and ideas that are too often left in the margins. ⁠⠀
Any artist, from any medium, anywhere in the world can submit!
Extended deadline: September 14, 2020. We pay every artist who appears on our labels and they keep ownership of their work.

See the full list of curators on the Collect Arts Brewing Instagram.

Link to submit: 

Animation: @maiafadd

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