Raptors makes a statement against systemic racism and violence

Raptors released a collection that started as a collaboration between Raptors players and local Toronto artists Adeyemi Adegbesan (@yung.yemi) and Mark Stoddart (@mstoddart68) to make a statement against the systemic racism and violence that the black community faces every day. These efforts have come full circle and returned an investment to Ashley McKenzie-Barnes (@ashleymckenziebarnes) of D.PE Sho Art Foundation and RISE Edutainment for their ongoing work towards engaging, educating, and advocating for anti-black racism through art and culture.

The fight is not over. The conversations must continue.

Last year D.PE Art Sho Foundation was developed to focus on expanding the BIPOC experience across the Canadian contemporary art and culture landscape. D.PE (diverse, progressive, experiences) is a necessary platform to offer new opportunities for programming and advancement of BIPOC artistry— to showcase, sell, network, learn and flourish.⁣⁣

Thank you to the Raptors (@raptors) for supporting our initiative through your creative collaboration with local artist while commemorating May 25th, the one-year anniversary of the loss of #GeorgeFloyd. ⁣

I’m super excited and grateful to use a portion of this donation towards our important and impactful upcoming project for ArtworxTO: Toronto’s Year of Public Art 2021.⁣⁣

Shop Collection

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